Monday, October 25, 2010

Witch's Brew Game Level Two

Here is a great game around Halloween Time.: Witch's Brew Game.

I plan on picking the cards from a cauldron and then using a witch's finger to count and point to the rhythms.  The witch's finger is just a fake witch finger you can find at a party store or Halloween store.

Witch’s Brew: Players draw cards and perform the rhythm on each card.  When the Witch Card is drawn they get a little prize: sticker, candy, Halloween treat.
You can keep adding on to the cards you have drawn, making an extended rhythm.
You can clap the cards, perform them on a rhythm instrument or piano.

Another idea is to use some Halloween words to say the rhythm.  For example, a triplet could be "Halloween" and eighth notes could be "Pumpkin" or "Mummy".  I have more ideas in the directions on page four.


  1. Jenna,

    I just discovered your site this weekend and have had a wonderful time looking through all of your creative ideas! I'm looking forward to trying some out with my students in the coming weeks. Thanks so much for sharing!!!

    Jen Fink

  2. Thanks Jen!

    I will add you to my links. I have enjoyed your site as well :) It is so fun to create new things to teach children about music.



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