Monday, March 21, 2011

Help the Bee Find His Key

Here is a fun worksheet to help beginner students with key recognition on the keyboard.  A fun idea is to have them make the buzzing sound as the draw the line.  I have a fun little bee finger puppet that the students use to find and play the keys and the keyboard.

Google Doc: Help the Bee Find His Key

Help The Bee Find His Key

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  1. Thank you for all your wonderful creativity! I especially love all your worksheets in your 'beehive'. I plan to print them all and start using them on Monday with my students.

    My students loved your 'rhythm addition' cards and I intend to use them even though St. Patrick's Day is over.

    Your four levels of 'mittens' are part of my students warm-up for their lessons. I use them as flashcards and have them count the rhythms. They are just great.
    I love your blog and am excited each time a new game is posted. Your songs make me wish that I taught singing classes !!!

    Thank you for all the fun things our share.



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