Saturday, August 27, 2011

Great Gems: Aspects of a Great Musician

Each week I am going to focus on a different aspect of a great musician.  These will be my "Great Gems."

My different aspects will be

*  Notes: Good Reading and Listening
*  Rhythm: Steady Counting and Accuracy
*  Dynamics: Observes Louds and Softs
*  Articulation: Observes all markings
*  Focus: Listening to directions, Paying attention, 
                Keeps hands in lap
*  Prepared: Brings all materials, Completes assignments
*  Technique: Good Posture, Good Hand Position

Each week I plan on focusing on a different aspect.  We will talk about why this aspect is important and how to improve in our lesson time and practice.  

This week our "Great Gem" is FOCUS.  It really helped the students, especially the younger ones, understand what I mean when I say "Let's Focus".  I rewarded the student with a extra jewel to go with my Hidden Treasures Theme if they kept their FOCUS throughout the lesson.  If you are not doing an incentive you could reward them with a small piece of candy.  It really worked great!

Here is a picture of my "Great Gems" in my studio!  


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  2. would you share your gems posters? Great idea



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