Saturday, September 5, 2015

Kindergarten Week 1 Pete the Cat

Here is a peek at what we did in Kindergarten during the first week of school.

The first day we went over many procedures and got to know each other.
We read Pete the Cat Rocking in my school shoes.

The next day we read Pete the Cat I love my white shoes.  All week we said "Do we get upset? Goodness No!"

Here is a peek at my lesson plans:
Introduce the parts of the book: Cover, back cover, title.  Who is on the cover?  Where do you think Pete will be going in this book?  How can you tell?  When we read we make connections.  A connection is something that makes you think of something else.  I can make a connection to Pete the Cat going to school to our class going to school.  Let's read to find out what happens when Pete the Cat goes to school.

During Reading: Stop at bus picture and ask the class: Who is in this picture? Where is Pete?  What is he doing?  We are going to make a connection.  What does this picture make you think of? Thumbs up if you rode the bus.  Thumbs up if you took a car to get to school.

Pg. 3 Teach the song and have students sing with you on "I'm rocking in my school shoes"
Pg. 5 Pause at the desk page and ask: What is Pete doing?  Who is at the board? Where is Pete?  Read the page.  Where is a room with lots of books?
Pg. 7 Where is Pete now? What is Pete's favorite book about?  How do you know?  What do you think worry means?  See if you can make a connection.  Have you ever worried about something, maybe coming to school for the first time?  I have another connection.  Our school has a library too!  Thumbs up if you have been to the library before.  What did you do there?  
Pg. 9  What is Pete's book about now?
Pg. 11 Where is Pete now?  How can you tell?  What is Pete doing?  Can you make a connection?
Pg. 13 Have students say Goodness, no!  What is Pete drinking?
Pg. 15 Sing the song.  What else is Pete having for lunch?  Thumbs up if you brought your lunch box.  Thumbs up if you are buying lunch fro the cafeteria.  Did Pete bring his lunch or buy his lunch?  How can you tell?
Go over some expectations in the lunchroom.
Pg. 17 Where is Pete now?  Can you make a connection?
Pg. 19  What are the other cats doing?  Who is making smart choices on the playground?  Go over expectations in the playground.
Pg. 21  Sing the song.
Pg. 23  What are some things Pete is doing at school?  What are some things you will be doing at school?
Pg. 25  Where is Pete going?
Pg. 27  Who is this cat?  
Pg. 29 Sing the song.  What can you tell your mom or dad about your day at school?
Pete the Cat I love My White Shoes by Eric Litwin 
Before Reading: Reinforce good listening and speaking skills throughout the lesson.

Introduce the parts of the book: Cover, back cover, title.  Who is this book going to be about?  What connection can you make?  Yes we learned about Pete yesterday.  Where did Pete go in our book yesterday?  

During Reading: 
Pg. 1 Who is walking down the street?  What color are his shoes? Thumbs up if you have on white shoes.  What color is Pete the cat.
Pg. 3 Teach the song I love my white shoes.
Pg. 5  What is happening on this page?  
Pg. 7  Pete is cool, he doesn't get upset.  He is happy.
Pg. 9 Sing the song
Pg. 11 Oh no!  What happened now?  What would you do if you stepped in blueberries?
Pg. 13 Have students say Goodness no! with you.
Pg. 15  What is happening now?  What did Pete do?  Where is Pete the cat?
Pg. 17 Oh no!  What happened now?
Pg. 19  Why didn't Pete cry?  He has a good attitude!
Pg. 21 Sing the song.
Pg. 23 Oh no!  What happened now?  What do you think will happen next?
Pg. 25 Why are his shoes squeaky?
Pg. 27  A moral is a lesson you can learn from the story.  What color are Pete's shoes now?
Pg. 29  Where is Pete now?  What is Pete doing?  Where are his shoes?

I started stations on the second day and the students completed these two activities:

Overall we had a great start to school and had a lot of fun with Pete the Cat!

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