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Peek inside Shooting for the Stars

My studio is in full swing and the students are loving Shooting for the Stars.  Here is how the incentive works: Students earn stars for different things during their lesson. I have chosen to give stars for the following items: 1. Sight Reading: Each week the students sight read a piece during their lesson.  If they are successful they earn a star. 2. Rhythm: Each week the students perform a rhythm by clapping, counting and then playing them on a note or chord.  They can also earn additional rhythm stars by counting while playing an assigned piece or performing a song with wonderful rhythm. 3. Note Naming: The students always play their rhythm to a note or chord I have them name.  I usually include notes they are struggling on.  If they get them correct they win a star.  I also have the students name notes in their assigned piece.  More stars! 4. Presentation: I give this star to students who come prepared with materials and present their assigned piece musically.  Dynamics,