Friday, November 19, 2010

Group Lesson Thanksgiving Style

We had a great time at group lessons this past week.  I decided to review the games we had played recently which included Jenga, Uno, Tough Turkey and Eight is Enough in a Station format.  I have included the directions to these games below.  I go over the rules of the game and at each station there are directions for the students if they need help.  I plan on posting more about Jenga later so stay tuned.

I had a multi level group, so I had to modify some of the games to accommodate the different levels.  I have some students in the "My First Piano Adventure" by Faber and Faber so they haven't learned any notes on the staff so here are the modification I made.

For Eight is Enough, I had them make stacks of Alphabet Cards.
For Uno, we matched the bass and treble clefs using line and space notes.

We had a lot of fun as you can see in the pictures below.

Some other fun Thanksgiving games you can play are

Pilgrim, Pilgrim, Turkey:  Played just like "Duck, Duck, Goose"  I have my students keep a rhythm pattern going as the player goes around the circle saying "Pilgrim, Pilgrim, Turkey"  Whoever is touched on the head when the player says "Turkey" chases that player around the circle trying to tag them.  If the player gets back to his/her seat in before being tagged, they win.

Turkey Rhythm: You can use Thanksgiving words to say simple rhythm cards.

Pass the Turkey: If you have a stuffed turkey or a foam turkey (found at most craft stores) you can play pass the turkey.  Students pass the turkey saying the alphabet, intervals and or chords.  You pick a alphabet letter to start on and the students pass around the turkey going through the chord, alphabet or interval.  Try going backwards.  You could also recite the lines of the bass clef, the flat order, etc . .

Tough Turkey Directions

UNO Directions

Eight is Enough Directions


  1. I love games! I'm excited to try out your uno game at my next group lesson. Do you have directions somewhere on your blog about how to play the Jenga game? I used the search engine but didn't come up with a post.

  2. Jenga directions are coming soon! That game is a lot of fun!

  3. Jeana, I loved your Halloween games, especially "Witche's Spell" Rhythms. We are planning on playing quite a few games at our November group lesson from you Thanksgiving list.

    If you have time, could you post the rules for Jenga? It looks like fun. :) Kelby



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