Monday, October 31, 2011

Jenga Directions

I had a request from a reader to repost the directions for Jenga!

It is a really fun game that the kids love to play.  I got the idea from a post on the Piano Club page.  I bought a Jenga off brand game ($4.99) and decided to go with the colored blocks.  My Jenga game has yellow, blue and red blocks.  I took a sharpie and used all the yellow blocks for rhythms.  I wrote an easy rhythm on one side and a more challenging rhythm on the other side.  the red blocks were use for notes on one side and chords on the other.  The blue blocks were used for symbols.  The blue blocks made it hard to see the symbol, but not impossible.

Another idea for levels is to buy the plain wooden blocks and use different colored sharpies for each level.  This could still work for multi level play. For example, if the player who is at level one picks a level three than the closet player to them that is level three must complete the task.

The directions are below.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Online Music Games

Here is a collection of some online music games sorted into levels based on the Faber and Faber Piano Adventures Series.  If you have any sites I have missed, please leave a comment.

Music Learning Community
Level 2B: Hearing Triads

Intermediate: Rhythm ScrambleSee Saw Rhythm,

Intermediate: Flash Key Signatures

Theata Music  
(you will need to create a free account to access the games)
Primer: Flash Rhythms
Level 1: Flash Intervals,
Level 2A: Rhythm Puzzle,
Level 2B-3B: Chord Spells

Primer: Note NamesPaced Note NamesPiano KeysRhythm Performance (click easy), Rhythm Dictation (click easy)
Level 1: Rhythm Performance (medium),
Rhythm Dictation (click medium)
Level 2A-2B: Rhythm Performance (click hard),
Level 3A-3B: Rhythm Dictation (click hard), Drill Chords
Intermediate: Key SignatureDrill Chords

Click the options that fit what you have been taught.

Other Fun Games:

Other Music Websites

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Halloween Songs

Here are some Halloween songs that have proven to be a lot of fun.  I have added some visual cards and song maps.  Enjoy!
Halloween Songs

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Great educational tool

Great video on the importance of music in education.  Music does make you smarter!

A Musical Mind

Friday, October 7, 2011

And Our Winner is......

Leticia!  Thanks for entering the contest everyone and hope you enjoy all the wonderful games.

Please email me Leticia to get the free download!  my3redhead@


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Don't Miss our Giveaway!

Our drawing for the free Halloween Music Games is ending this Friday.  Don't miss your opportunity to enter.

Enter the giveaway by:
1. Commenting below (1 entry)
2. Linking the post on your website or blog.  Make sure you leave a comment telling me about your link. (3 bonus entries)
3. Posting about it on Facebook.  You must first like the Sing a Song page and then tag Sing a Song in your post. (3 bonus entries)

The drawing will be held on October 7th with  I will post the winner on my blog and contact you through email.  Good luck!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Witch's Brew

Witch's Brew is one of my favorite games to play with the kids around Halloween time.

To play you need the cards below and some candy for reward.

Students pick a card and perform the rhythm.  For fun, I have a big, plastic cauldron for the kids to pick the cards out of.  The students perform the rhythm any way you choose: counting, pointing, clapping, tapping, etc. . .

If the student picks a witch card they get a piece of candy.  I have included some fun seasonal words to say the rhythms with as well.

Level One contains Quarter notes, Half notes, Dotted Half notes, Whole notes and Quarter Rests
Level Two adds in Eighth notes
NEW LEVEL THREE! adds Dotted Quarter notes

Another fun trick I like to use is getting a fake witch's finger to point to the rhythms.

CLICK HERE FOR Witch's Brew Game


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