Fun with Music

Bingo Chips: A creative way to use bingo chips

Drill Cards: Flip cards to help learn just about anything

Finger Independence: Some creative ideas to help with finger independence

Flashcard Tip: A neat way to organize your flashcards

FootNote Staff Rug: A floor staff

Fun Magnets: Magnets to use for notes on a whiteboard

Group Lesson Easter Style: A fun way to have a group activity at Easter

Group Lesson Stations: Students rotate during the group lesson to different stations

Group Lessons St. Patrick Theme: Fun games centered around the Luck of the Irish

Group Lesson Thanksgiving Style: Some ideas on how to have a Thanksgiving themed group lesson

Index Cards: Small index cards

Magic Wand: My favorite gadget to use!

Music Fonts: Mac music fonts

One Minute Club: Test how much your student knows in one minute

Practice Trick: Use an object and move it around the piano to help students practice a tricky section.

Recital Programs: An easy way to have a nice recital program

Recital Readiness: Play a candy game to get ready for your performance

Sheet Protectors: A great way to preserve your worksheets

Sticky Flags: Use them for so many things


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