Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Gingerbread Giveaway Winner Is . . ..

The winner is #3 Sarah who commented "These would be a great addition to my December lessons! :)"

Congratulations!  I hope you have a lot of fun with them! 

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.  Enjoy your family and friends and praise God for all He has done.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Gingerbread Game Giveaway

Enter to win a free Gingerbread Game Giveaway!

Enter the giveaway by:
1. Commenting below (1 entry)
2. Linking the post on your website or blog.  Make sure you leave a comment telling me about your link. (3 bonus entries)
3. Posting about it on Facebook.  You must first like the Sing a Song page and then tag Sing a Song in your post. (3 bonus entries)  You can also comment on the Sing a New Song Music Page.

The drawing will be held on November 23rd with  I will post the winner on my blog and contact you through email.  Good luck!

If you already purchased the product, leave a comment on how you are enjoying it and I will enter your name for the giveaway.  For purchasing the product and leaving a review, you will earn an extra 5 entries!  If you win, I will refund your money.

Christmas Music Games

I have a new resource available for Christmas called Gingerbread Music Games.  There are 7 different games with multiple levels of play.  Included is:

Gingerbread Cookie Chords: A fun activity to promote major and minor chords.  A step/skip version included for elementary level students.
Draw a Gingerbread Man: Students use Rhythm Problems to draw a gingerbread man.  5 levels of rhythm cards included.
Catch the Gingerbread Man: A version of Old Maid with a gingerbread twist.
Match the Gingerbread Boy and Girl: Match the girl and boy.  Levels include keyboard recognition, staff notes and key signatures.
Home Sweet Home: Students identify and perform rhythms to get the gingerbread boy to the correct gingerbread house.  5 different levels included.
Find the Gingerbread Man: Students try to spy the gingerbread boy who is play hide and seek among musical symbols.  54 cards included.
Gingerbread Alphabet: A cute gingerbread alphabet with three suggested activities.  Accidentals included.

Includes: Games, printables and instructions
Format: PDF
Printing: 8.5' x 11' 
Price: Price: $15.00

Instructions on using it with Paypal:  Click on the Buy Now button.  You will be asked to pay with Paypal.  Once your transaction is accepted, a zip file with the games will be sent to you.


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