Music Games

Bell Game: Help the Christmas Bear find his Bell

Candy Hearts Game: A Valentine Game focusing on expression and tempo

Candyland: Review notes or chords with this classic game

Christmas Circle of Fifth Game: Use this fun Christmas wreath to complete the circle of fifths

Christmas Train: Help Santa get the presents on the train by matching the notes to the corresponding letter.

Easter Egg Rhythm Game: Fill up the Easter Egg by adding the rhythms together

Eight is Enough: A fun game that builds on notes or chords

Faber and Faber Musical Bingo: Various levels of Bingo that correlate to the Faber and Faber piano series.

Group Lessons Easter Style: A fun Easter Egg Hunt Game

High Score Hoops:  Use this fun basketball game to review any concept

Hopping Intervals: Fun game that helps with steps, skips and intervals

Jelly Bean Bingo: A fun rhythm game using jelly beans

Jenga: A fun game using the blocks in Jenga to review musical concepts.

Lucky Leprechaun Game: A St. Patrick's Day version of Old Maid

Lucky Penny Game: Find the lucky penny and win a prize

Mitten Match Game Level One: Match up the mittens with the correct rhythm
Mitten Match Game Level Two:
Mitten Match Game Level Three:

Piano Races: Race up or down the piano to review notes, intervals and more

Place Race: Race the clock to put the correct card in the correct place.

Pot of Gold Game: Students use rhythm addition cards to fill up their pot of gold.

Rhythm Blocks: Rhythm game using Duplo Legos

Rhythm Puzzle: Change cards to figure out this puzzle

Secret Color Game:  Identify notes to find out what's the secret color?

Sunny Circle of Fifths: Match Key Signatures to the Major and Minor Keys

Tic Tac Toe: Three in a row game to review notes, chords and keys.

Tic Tac Toe for Keyboard:  Tic Tac Toe Game Board for keyboard recognition

Train Game:   Match the Staff note to the right car on the Train

UNO: Colored Leaves Version: A game of UNO using staff cards.
UNO: Colored Leaves Version Small Cards: Smaller staff cards

Valentine Letter Game: Match the note to the correct letter to mail off your Valentine

Wiggly Worm Game: A fun apple game that helps student identify names, chords and keys

Witch's Brew Game: Pull out a rhythm from the cauldron.


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