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Practice Trick

Students get bored quickly when they have to repeat a passage over and over.  Making a game out of repeating patterns helps students become engaged and motivated to repeat with purpose. One thing I like to do is have a object that climbs up the piano as the student repeats the pattern correctly. The item then climbs down the piano for more repeats. The item can be a eraser, a little toy or anything fun!  I like to use things that relate to the season or song we are studying.  So the "Easter Bunny" may hop up the piano, or for the "The Bear"by Rebikoff you could have a bear climb the piano.   Some kids love certain sports team, so I could use a little token that represents the sport team.  It could be a magnet, or something you printed out and adhered it to a block or piece of foam.  Imagine the mascot moving up the piano.  It starts on the bench, then on the keys, then moves up to the music rack, then finally is on the the top of the piano.  If more repeats are


     Recently I used the game Jenga for a group lesson.  It is a really fun game that the kids love to play.  I got the idea from a post on the Piano Club page .  I bought a Jenga off brand game ($4.99) and decided to go with the colored blocks.  My Jenga game has yellow, blue and red blocks.  I took a sharpie and used all the yellow blocks for rhythms.  I wrote an easy rhythm on one side and a more challenging rhythm on the other side.  the red blocks were use for notes on one side and chords on the other.  The blue blocks were used for symbols.  The blue blocks made it hard to see the symbol, but not impossible. Another idea for levels is to buy the plain wooden blocks and use different colored sharpies for each level.  This could still work for multi level play. For example, if the player who is at level one picks a level three than the closet player to them that is level three must complete the task. The directions are below. Jenga Directions

Alphabet Cards

Here are some alphabet cards to print out on card stock.  You can print them out on some different colored card stock and have multiple sets.  I use my cards for many, many games.  I included some blank ones in case you want to add sharps or flats. Alphabet Cards Google Docs Alphabet Cards

Group Lesson Thanksgiving Style

We had a great time at group lessons this past week.  I decided to review the games we had played recently which included Jenga, Uno , Tough Turkey and Eight is Enough  in a Station format .  I have included the directions to these games below.  I go over the rules of the game and at each station there are directions for the students if they need help.  I plan on posting more about Jenga later so stay tuned. I had a multi level group, so I had to modify some of the games to accommodate the different levels.  I have some students in the "My First Piano Adventure" by Faber and Faber so they haven't learned any notes on the staff so here are the modification I made. For Eight is Enough, I had them make stacks of Alphabet Cards. For Uno, we matched the bass and treble clefs using line and space notes. We had a lot of fun as you can see in the pictures below. Some other fun Thanksgiving games you can play are Pilgrim, Pilgrim, Turkey :  Played just like "Duck,

Tough Turkey Scales

This is a fun activity where student write the name of the scale on the turkey's feathers.  I laminated my cards and students wrote on them.  You could also stick them in a sheet protector and have students write on them with a dry erase marker.  Another option is to use Bingo Chips with the letters on them and have the students arrange the chips in the correct order. I also have a Tough Turkey Worksheet that has students write the alphabet and intervals. Tough Turkey Scales Example of how to complete a Turkey Scale:

Tricky Turkey

These worksheets have students fixing Mr. Tricky Turkey's mistakes.  I find students love correcting things and pretending to be the teacher.    Tricky Turkey Level 1 Tricky Turkey Level 2

Thanksgiving Songs

Celebrate  Sung to: The Ants go marching one by one  The pilgrims are coming to celebrate  Hurrah Hurrah The pilgrims are coming to celebrate Hurrah Hurrah The pilgrims are coming so don't be late They'll sing and dance to celebrate And we'll all have fun so hurry and don't be late!  The Natives are coming to share their food Hurrah Hurrah The Native are coming to share their food Hurrah Hurrah The natives are coming so don't be late They'll sing and dance and celebrate And we'll all have fun so hurry and don't be late. Other Verses: The children are coming to play some games The mothers are coming to cook the food The fathers are coming to trade their goods Idea # 1 : Choose children to represent the different people in the song and act out the story. Idea #2 : Talk about the games children might play in those times, what the fathers might trade, how the mothers cook the food. Sail The Mayflower Sung to:   Row Row Your Boat Sail, Sail ,Sail t

Calendar Songs

Today is Monday (To the tune of "Frere Jacques) Today is Monday (Today is Monday) April 12th (April 12th) 1998 (1998) That's the date (That's the date). Tuesday, Tuesday (to the tune of Frere Jacques) Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday, All day long, all day long, Yesterday was Monday, tomorrow will be Wednesday, Oh, what fun! Oh, what fun! Sunday, Monday , Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday Sunday, Monday (to the tune of "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star") Sunday, Monday, Tuesday too. Wednesday, Thursday just for you. Friday, Saturday that's the end . Now let's say those days again! Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday! Every Week has 7 days Sung to "If you're happy and you know it" Every week has 7 days, yes it does. Every week has 7 days, yes it does. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. Every week has 7 days, yes it does. (clap, clap)

Musical Mayflower

Here is a music worksheet just in time for Thanksgiving, that helps reinforce the concept of steps, skips and intervals.  Just fill in the right letter on the ship and work your way to the end.  If you get all the correct notes, you should match up with the last letter. Google Docs Version: Musical Mayflower Musical Mayflower Level One Musical Mayflower Level Two