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Fall Song Sheet

Here are some great Fall Songs.  I have included a Song Sheet for lyrics and visuals to use in the classroom.  Enjoy! Fall Songs

Halloween Songs

Pumpkin in the dark   (Tune: Farmer in the Dell) The Pumpkin in the dark, the pumpkin in the dark, Hi ho, Halloween, the pumpkin in the dark. The pumpkin takes the witch... The witch takes the bat... The bat takes the cat The cat takes the spider The spider takes the ghost.... The ghost says, "BOO!" Idea:  Have students pretend to be a character and take another student into the circle each time.  You could also have representations of these characters by way of pictures, cut outs, foam crafts, stuffed animals, etc . . . Spooky Skeleton  Sung to: "Mulberry Bush" 1 Spooky skeleton jumping up & down, jumping up & down, jumping up & down (hold 1 finger up to jump) 1 Spooking skeleton jumping up *& down, FOR THIS IS HALLOWEEN! 2 little witches - zooming thru the air . . . . (make 2 witches flying) 3 black cats - walking on the fence . . . 4 silly scarecrows - waving in the wind . . . . 5 trick or treaters - knocking at your do

Resources for Halloween

Here are some great free resources for Halloween: Candy Match-Up: Worksheet to identify notes Candy Match-Up Witch's Brew :  Students pick a rhythm card and perform it.  If they pick a witch they get a piece of candy. CLICK HERE FOR Witch's Brew Game Also, check out my Halloween Music Games Volume 1 and Volume 2

Halloween Music Games Volume 2

Halloween Music Games Volume 2 has 5 new and exciting games for your students to help them improve at note naming, intervals, chords, rhythms and symbols. Don't Eat Jack: A fun filled game that focuses on rhythm recognition. The game has five levels and is sure to be a favorite with your students. Find the Ghost: Players race around to find the ghost cards and then identify symbols. Haunted House Harmony: Students build chords or intervals in the haunted house Pumpkin Patch Match: Players match notes. There is a Catch the Jack-o-lantern version as well. Candy Corn Catch: Identify notes on the staff or keyboard using candy corn. Check out Halloween Music Games Vol.1 for even more games and activities Includes: Games, printables and instructions Format: PDF Printing: 8.5' x 11' - Grayscale or Color Price: $10.00 Instructions for purchasing it with Paypal: Click on the Buy Now button. You will be asked to pay with Paypal. Once your t