Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Easter Egg Rhythm Worksheet

This is a Easter Egg Worksheet is just like my Pot of Gold Game.  I got a request to make different themed worksheet that would go with my Rhythm Addition Cards.  I made some different colors so that you could play this in a group game as well or just choose you favorite color.

To play you fill up the easter egg with tokens: bingo chips, pennies, M&M's or Jellybeans.

You use the Rhythm Addition Cards and add up the correct amount of tokens to place in the Easter Egg.  I have different levels of cards to fit most students.  The first one to fill up their egg wins!

I also used this in a regular classroom setting for math concepts.  For Kindergartners I just had them simply recognize the number in different forms: 3, three,  * * *.  For older students you could do math addition or subtraction flashcards.

Google Docs: Easter Egg Rhythm Game Green, Pink, Yellow, Blue

Easter Egg Rhythm Game Green

Easter Egg Rhythm Game Yellow

Easter Egg Rhythm Game Blue

Easter Egg Rhythm Game Pink


  1. This was a HUGE hit with the girls since I had round colored jewel markers to "decorate" the eggs.

    Many thanks!!

  2. Wonderful! I am so glad they enjoyed it. Have a wonderful Easter!



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