Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Circle of Fifths

Here is a fun activity that has students filling out the circle of fifths with ornaments around a wreath.  The student chooses an ornament and places it in the correct circle on the wreath.  You can have the ornaments all out on the table for the students to put them in order or the student can pick one at a time (a little harder).   I glued my ornaments to bottle tops for a more sturdy playing piece.

Christmas Circle of 5ths

I put my bottle cap ornaments in a peanut jar covered in Christmas wrapping paper.
Students picked one ornament and placed it on the wreath.

They continued until they completed the circle of fifths with note names.
 Then they added the key signatures on top.
Then they advanced to minor key signatures.


  1. These look great! I think I may use the rhythm dictation one next week at Christmas camp! Is there anyway you can change the circle of 5th's one to google docs like the others? Scribd wants to me to subscribe in order to download that one. Thanks so much for these. :)

  2. Sure thing! I fixed them all to have Google Doc links. I hope you have fun with them!



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