Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pot of Gold Game

Here is a game for St. Patrick's Day that has students adding and subtracting rhythms.  Players try to be the first one to fill up their pot of gold!

Here are the directions:

Each player chooses a rhythm card that has an addition/subtraction problem on it.  You can make some or use my Rhythm Addition Cards.   Students calculate that answer and take that number of gold pieces to put on in their pot.  You can use pennies or bingo chips for your gold.  My students love my Magic Notes, so I will most likely be using them.

You could also roll rhythm dice, if you have any of them.  Another idea I had was to make time signature cards and have a missing rhythm.  The note value of the missing rhythm would be how many gold pieces the student gets to add to the pot.

Google Doc: Pot of Gold Game

Pot of Gold Game


  1. Thank you for these, Jeana :D I know these will be as big a hit as the mitten game was amongst my students!

  2. This game was a lot of fun! I did like to have my students count some of the rhythms. As with any rhythm activity, you could have the student clap, or play a note/chord on the piano or play a percussion instrument. I am using it again in group lessons this coming week!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your games! These are always a big hit with my students. I love the rhythm addition cards and was wondering if you would consider creating different themed boards to use at other times of the year like the Pot of Gold game (i.e. an Easter egg, maybe a flag for patriotic holidays, a beach towel or beach ball for summer etc)....I'm graphically challenged so I appreciate your creativity!

  4. Great idea Jann! I will get to work on it! Thanks for the idea and I am glad your students are enjoying them.



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