Friday, September 2, 2011

Canon Blast

Here some pictures I captured of a fun game we played this week:  "Canon Blast"

First I have students pick a color for their pirate ship.  I have magnetic chips, or "magic notes" in a variety of colors for the students to choose from.  I love using this magnetic chips, but any bingo chips will do.  Don't have bingo chips?  Try placing a colored sticker on a penny.  You will need at least 20 of each color.

Students identify their notes with flashcards and if they identify it correctly they get to put a chip on the matching ship.  "Fire Canon One"

For a quick game you can have the student win the ship by placing one chip on the ship.  For more teaching opportunities, make it three chips. Whoever has blasted the most ships wins!



  1. Can you post the picture you are using, and go into a little more detail of how it works?

  2. Would looove a printable for your pirate ship sheets ......this looks like fun!

  3. I have been meaning to comment on your theme this year because you and I are doing the same thing. I love your ideas. Some of my pirate related topics are Black Pearl Note drills, Pirates Cove Intervals, Pirate Practice Log, Jack Sparrow Club, Curse of the Scales, Boneyard Beats, and Mermaid Island Solos. My students are excited to get started. I thought we would end the year with a pirate camp. I just thought of a game I would try. If you are familiar with the Battleship game, the students could work in a team to create a ship across a lifesize grand staff and the other team has to guess their location, like treble B, middle C, etc. Of course you would have to have a wall block so each team could not see each other. Anyway, I think you are doing a great job. Good Luck!



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