Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Dollar Store Finds!

I love the Dollar Store.  You can find some great things and of course it is all only a $1.00!

Here are some items I found this past week.

1. Puzzles!  

Tons of puzzles all for $1.00 Great to use on the first day of school.

2. Table Baskets

These are perfect for my tables.  They hold everything I need.  There are some other colors at Walmart. I am doing some primary colors this year on my tables so these are perfect!

3. Chip Trays
I am super excited about chip trays.  I am going to use them to sort letters and count out objects.

4. Chalkboard Stickers
These stickers are super cute.  I am probably going to cut them and use them as labels.

5. Aprons
 Great for that messy project!

6. Window Markers
Decorate your windows with sayings and drawings.

7. Decorative Tape
Dress up your bins, bookcases or walls with this cute decorative tape. 

8. Finger Paint
Perfect size for this thumbprint projects.

9. Fabric Bins

Bright colors to store all your stuff in.

10. Raffle Tickets
Use these for behavior management and hand them out to students who are doing a great job.  Pick a ticket to see who is the winner.

11. Birthday Hats and Glasses

Who doesn't want to wear these cute hats on their birthday? 

12. Basketball Goal

Use this to motivate.  Each time they get a question right or can read a sight word you get to shoot the basketball.

13. Alphabet Magnets

Spell those sight words or names with these letters on cookie trays.

14. Springs
 Stretch out those words with springs.  

15. ABC Foam Puzzle
 Another great activity for tables the first week.

16. Dice

 Big dice to use for games and activities

17. Chalk Markers
Spice up your chalkboard with these cool markers.

18. Bulletin Boards
They are small, but might be just the right size when you need to hang something up. 

19. Poster Supplies 
Letters, burst, arrows.  Make your bulletin boards stand out!

20. Fly Swatters

 Swat the word, letter or number.  Love this butterfly theme!

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