Thursday, August 13, 2015

Letter Fluency with Brain Breaks

I love Brain Breaks!  

We use several throughout the day and it keeps my students energized and focused.  I decided to combine our concepts with brain breaks in a PowerPoint.  This way students will drill and practice their concepts and have a short 10-20 second brain break in between.  My students love this and it really keeps them motivated to drill those letters and sight words.

Check out the video demonstration.

The PowerPoint is editable so you can move the slides around to keep your students guessing what is coming next.  You can also edit the timing of the slides if you would like to give your students more time or less.  There is a slide for each Uppercase and Lowercase letter.

There are 6 fun Brain Breaks that will get your students moving as they learn.  Each Brain Break is paired with a quick song that goes along with the activity.

To purchase the product click the image below!

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