Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hopping Intervals: Updated with Staff Notation

I recently have been teaching intervals in Faber and Faber Level 1 Piano Adventures and wanted to review the 2nd, 3rd and 4th concept with my student.  I have used cards to move across the keyboard before, but this time I inspired by our Easter season with "Hopping Intervals."

To play you need some type of token to represent each player.  I love using erasers and collect all kinds for this very purpose.

You can start your player on Middle C.

Then I get seven Easter eggs, one for each note on the piano.  I then put an alphabet letter in each egg. I just write the letter on a note card or post it (no printing required).  You can open the egg to see the surprise letter at the beginning of the game, but I have found it is fun to be surprised at the end of the game.

Now you are going to need a place to record what notes you land on.  I use my ever handy white board, but you can use a simple piece of paper.  You want to record how many times you land on a certain note.

Start by drawing an interval card and follow the instructions.  Record the letter you land on.  Keep playing through the cards as many times as you like.

Then at the end open your Easter egg and see what the secret note was.  Whoever has landed on that note the most wins!  You can reward the student with jellybeans or a sticker.

Google Docs: Hopping Intervals Level One Steps and Skips
Hopping Intervals Level One

Google Docs: Hopping Intervals Level Two 2nd-5th
Hopping Intervals Level Two


  1. VERY cute game! I just printed it! Thanks for posting!!

  2. Wonderful! I will have more levels up soon and picture of us playing it in my studio. It has been a big hit!



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