Sunday, October 30, 2011

Online Music Games

Here is a collection of some online music games sorted into levels based on the Faber and Faber Piano Adventures Series.  If you have any sites I have missed, please leave a comment.

Music Learning Community
Level 2B: Hearing Triads

Intermediate: Rhythm ScrambleSee Saw Rhythm,

Intermediate: Flash Key Signatures

Theata Music  
(you will need to create a free account to access the games)
Primer: Flash Rhythms
Level 1: Flash Intervals,
Level 2A: Rhythm Puzzle,
Level 2B-3B: Chord Spells

Primer: Note NamesPaced Note NamesPiano KeysRhythm Performance (click easy), Rhythm Dictation (click easy)
Level 1: Rhythm Performance (medium),
Rhythm Dictation (click medium)
Level 2A-2B: Rhythm Performance (click hard),
Level 3A-3B: Rhythm Dictation (click hard), Drill Chords
Intermediate: Key SignatureDrill Chords

Click the options that fit what you have been taught.

Other Fun Games:

Other Music Websites

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