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Christmas Music Games

I have a new resource available for Christmas called Gingerbread Music Games.  There are 7 different games with multiple levels of play.  Included is:

Gingerbread Cookie Chords: A fun activity to promote major and minor chords.  A step/skip version included for elementary level students.
Draw a Gingerbread Man: Students use Rhythm Problems to draw a gingerbread man.  5 levels of rhythm cards included.
Catch the Gingerbread Man: A version of Old Maid with a gingerbread twist.
Match the Gingerbread Boy and Girl: Match the girl and boy.  Levels include keyboard recognition, staff notes and key signatures.
Home Sweet Home: Students identify and perform rhythms to get the gingerbread boy to the correct gingerbread house.  5 different levels included.
Find the Gingerbread Man: Students try to spy the gingerbread boy who is play hide and seek among musical symbols.  54 cards included.
Gingerbread Alphabet: A cute gingerbread alphabet with three suggested activities.  Accidentals included.

Includes: Games, printables and instructions
Format: PDF
Printing: 8.5' x 11' 
Price: Price: $15.00

Instructions on using it with Paypal:  Click on the Buy Now button.  You will be asked to pay with Paypal.  Once your transaction is accepted, a zip file with the games will be sent to you.


  1. I just bought the Gingerbread Music games. I have already started printing them out. They are so well done. They are great for all ages and levels. My holiday group lesson is going to be a big hit!

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