Sunday, January 8, 2012

Changing Cups Challenge

This is a really fun game where students can work on their musical alphabet, intervals and chords.

Changing Cups Challenge is inspired from an idea on Pinterest.

You need some foam coffee cups and sharpe pens.  Take 3 cups and stack them together.  Then write the alphabet around the edge of one of the cups, spacing the letters out evenly.  Write the alphabet on the other two cups so that they line up evenly with the first cup.  The letters should line up and you can spell different chords with by rotating the cups.

Now you can need to make a cup with a flat alphabet and a sharp alphabet, so you can have all the major and minor chords

Other possibilities are making intervals.  Can you name the interval displayed?

Another idea is to build inversions.

For beginner students you can have them stack the cups in alphabetical order.  What comes before the first cup?  What comes after the last cup?  Can you play that note?  Can you play all the notes on the cup?


  1. This is a neat idea! I'm going to try it for sure! :)

    BTW, my blog is now Piano Playground, found at

    I used to be "For Love of Piano" and somehow when I switched things over, I lost my followers....if you want to change the address you use to follow, that would be great. :)

  2. Thanks! I have added your site to my list.

  3. You have a wonderful blog!! I'm so glad that I found it! I shared it with my mother-in-law (a music teacher). I'm sure I will find some great ideas to incorporate music into my classroom too!


  4. This is a fantastic idea! Thanks for sharing!



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