Sunday, March 7, 2010

Secret Color Game

The Secret Color Game

This is a great game to work on note location.  Many students can name notes on flash cards, but when it comes to playing the note in the right place on the keyboard, they sometimes are too high or low.

1. Place bingo chips or jewels on the keys you want to review.  I have different colored jewels that I use.
2. Before you start the game you take one jewel and hide it under a book or cup.  This is the secret color.
3. The student takes a jewel off the key that matches the flash card. 
4. You or another student take turns taking jewels off.
5. At the end you reveal the secret color and that color is worth two points.  You add up your jewels and get two points for each jewel that is the secret color.  Whoever has the most colors wins!

1. For beginners you can just use alphabet cards instead of flash cards.
2. For students who don't know many note names, you can put more than one jewel on a key.
3. Another way to start the game is to have the student put the jewel on the key as you review the note names and where the location of the note is.

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