Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Rhythm Puzzle

Rhythm Puzzle
Rhythm puzzle is a game designed to help students with note values, counting and playing rhythms.

1. You set a times signature
2. You have cards with note values on them ranging from quarter note, to triplets, dotted rhythms and sixteenth notes.  
3. You place the card in four lines so that each line has four beats.
4. Then mix up the cards by switching them.  You cannot add any cards to a line or take away cards.  In other words, each line must have the same number of cards it started with.  Some lines may have 5, while other may only have one card.
5. The student must switch the cards to get each line to equal the correct amount of beats, according to the time signature.
6. When completed, I have the student point and count and then clap and count.

The fun part of this game is that the solution to the puzzle can be different each time, depending on which cards you switch.  I have played this in teams where the kids take turns switching cards.  
The first picture is of the cards arranged in four rows, each row equaling four beats.

I believe this game originally came from Music Mind Games.
The second picture is of the cards mixed up.

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