Monday, March 15, 2010

Lucky Penny

Lucky Penny

This game is fun around St. Patrick's day and great way to review note names.

Items needed:
Staff cards
Green sticker

1. Place a green star or sticker on two - five pennies.
2. Place these pennies on the keyboard.
3. Students take turns taking off the penny that matches the staff card.
4. If they get a lucky penny with the green sticker on it they get a small candy (starburst, piece of bubble gum, etc. . .)


  1. Jeana, wow you have so many great ideas! Thanks for your wonderful collection. I'm going to play Lucky Penny today!

    Anne (Pianoantics)

  2. Wonderful! I really like his one and it helps students know where they are playing the note, not just the name of the note. I love your ideas as well. Your site is amazing!

  3. I ended up doing a little variation on Lucky Penny. I gave my student at chocolate coin and asked her to place it on any white key. Then we did her flashcards as usual, but I told her if her chosen key appeared in the flashcards it was her lucky day and she could keep the chocolate. It was a fun twist and worked well for private lessons. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Wonderful, I love it! Feel free to post the variation to your site, it is a fun idea. It is a great way to make flashcard drills fun and rewarding. Have a lucky day!



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