Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Behavior Management Motivators

   1. Tried and true: “I like how Henry is sitting quietly”

   2. Scoreboard: Tallies for different groups, boys and girls, teacher vs. student, table groups.  I did this all last year and it was not even for a prize.  Kids love competition!

   3. Token economy: Give the class a cotton ball or marble in a jar for when they are following the rules or getting their work done.

   4. Special Friend: Have a special animal the student gets to sit with if they do an awesome job.  The special friend will only sit with a quiet friend.

   5. Special Something: Special sticker, stamp or candy (it works) for those who are following directions.

   6. Selfies: Take a video or picture (or pretend to).  Tell them you might send this to their parents so they need to be on their best behavior!

   7. Super Spot: Draw a smiley face or use scented lip balm to make a spot.

   8. Mystery Student: Pick a random student to watch for good behavior.  Pick a name out of hat and see if this student is doing well.  Tell the students you are picking a name and will see if they are following the rules, walking in line.  If so they get a little prize or sticker.  The trick is anyone can be the student so they all think they are working toward the prize.

   9. Individual Cheer: Give a cheer to someone who is doing good.  Let's all give Jacob a Trucker Cheer.  Then we say "Good Job, Good Buddy!"  

   10. Class Project: Each time the class is quiet or following the rules complete another step in the project.  It could be add to a puzzle, build a Mr. Potato Head, reveal a secret picture, color in a picture or whatever creative thing you have to make.

    I have tried a variety of these over the years and different classes respond to different things.  They are fun, engaging ways to motivate great behavior!


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