Thursday, August 6, 2015

RTI Interactive Intervention: Lowercase Letters

Intervention are essential to helping your students become proficient in fundamental skills for reading and math.  As you assess your students and gather data you find some students who need extra support in gaining the skills you taught.  Taking these students in a small group to reteach the concept allows students to get individualized and intense support.

The Interactive Intervention packet (Lowercase Letters) includes activities and interventions that help students become confident and help keep them engaged. These are activities I use in my small group that have helped my students master their lowercase letters and sounds.

My favorite activity is the Cover Up Cards.  Students each get a card with letters on them.  You can choose a red or blue card.  The red card focuses on the first 13 letters (a-m) and the blue cards focus on the last 13 letters (n-z).  There are also blank cards that you can write the letters your students need to work on.

There are some different ways to play with the Cover Up Cards.  I like to use magnetic chips because the students love them, but you can use small erasers or even pennies.  You call out a letter and students cover up that letter on their card.

Lotto Cards are another quick and easy way to get your students to learn their letters.  Flip over an alphabet flashcard and have your students place a marker on the matching letter.  I print each sheet on a different color, which help me keep those cards together.  The entire sheet assess all 26 letters.  Students love trying to get their card filled up first!

Matching letters with manipulatives you have in the room is a great way to reinforce letter recognition.  I have included several examples in the picture below (magnetic letters, bottle caps, letter beads)  This can be an independent center as well.  See if your students can name all the blue letters.  Another fun way to asses your students.

The Staircase Game is a new favorite of mine.  Place your flashcards on the staircase and choose a token to play with.  See my little red bear.  He is climbing the staircase.  Start at the bottom and move up the staircase each time you say the letter correctly until you get to the top.

Fluency Strips is a fun way to help students say those letters name accurately and quickly.  Great to use if you assess LNF (letter name fluency).  Students spin or roll the dice to select a character.  Then they say the letters next to that character as fast as they can.  

There are fun Flashcards with the Superhero and Princess theme.  Lots of fun ideas and games, including POW!.  A fun game where students identify the letters, but when they get a POW! card  all the letters they have are put back in the pile.

There are independent worksheets for that focus on the lowercase letter.  Sequencing and visual discrimination help students practice those skills you taught in their small group.

There are several letter assessments to use so you and your students can monitor their progress. Students can see visually how well they are learning their letters.  

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