Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday Finds

Music Makes a Difference

I am a true believer that music can make a difference in the life of a child.  It stimulates creativity, small and gross motor skills, cooperation, self expression, problem solving and more.  It can give children confidence, while being fun and energetic.  

I like to use my singing program to teach children about many different things.  I have a passion for supplementing their core subjects with songs.  Whatever the kids are learning, I try to come up with a song to help with that concept.  
Music has a way of helping us with memorization.  Who can finish this line?  "He's got the whole world __ __ ___?  (in his hands).  How about "R E S P E C T, Find out what it means to me"  Will you ever spell Respect wrong again?  

Music can be a powerful tool in learning.  I taught my youngest son Jacob to spell his name to the tune of Bingo "J A C O B, J A C O B, J A C O B and Jacob is your nameo"  and now his last name with Old Mac Donald  "B E A S L E Y that spells Beasley B E A S L E Y, Jacob Beasley"  It truly has helped him remember how to spell his name.

I encourage you to find ways to include music in teaching, it really makes a difference.

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