Monday, February 22, 2010

High Score Hoops

This week is "High Score Hoops."  We are naming notes and shooting baskets in an attempt to have the highest score of the week.  The game needs the following items:
• Basketball hoop or trash can
• Ball
• Staff cards or Chord Cards
• Keyboard

1. First I have the students take a staff card and find the note on the piano and play it.  The must find the note in the correct place in order to move to the next step.
2. After identifying the correct note, they take a shot with the basketball.
3. I record the number of baskets made and notes named on a board.

Students are motivated to shoot baskets and gain a high score.  You can have a set number of cards to name or use a timer.  Chord cards are used for more advanced students.

I have also used this to drill any concept.  If they identify the symbol, clap the correct rhythm, etc . . they get to attempt a shot.  My boys beg for this game!

Thanks to Susan Paradis for this idea

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