Sunday, May 23, 2010

Group Lesson Stations

These week I will be having group lessons and I am trying a new thing: STATIONS.  

Usually I have game and activities and all the students play together at group lessons.  This has gone well, but when I have different levels of students, it can be a challenge.  I have been substitute teaching lately and many school teachers use stations for math or reading.  The kids have assigned groups and they go to the station and complete the activity either together or by themselves.  The kids really enjoy stations and I thought I would try it in a group lesson.  

I have four stations and each has a game or activity for the students to complete.  Each activity has different levels for the students to choose from, so that they will be reviewing concepts they have learned.  The material and instructions for the activity is at the station and they are all games we have played before in our lesson time.  The students are paired up other students on their same level.  Every ten minutes we will rotate to a new station.  This format allowed me to have students of different levels and have more students come to one group lessons.  

I usually like to keep group lessons to 5 or 4 students, but this week one group lesson will have seven students!  I think the rotation will keep all the students busy, while keeping the groups small at each station.  I have attached an example of the instructions I have for  "Chutes and Ladders"  I have made rhythms on different colored note cards that students add or subtract.  Since then I have added Rhythm Addition Cards to my site, which would be an easy way to play the game in different levels.  A great way to review rhythm with a game the students love.   Enjoy!

Chutes and Ladders Directions

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