Sunday, February 6, 2011

Valentine Letter Game

In this Valentine Game, students pretend to mail letters or valentines out while matching staff cards to their letter name.

Take some envelopes and write a letter on it from A to G.  Pass out the Staff cards so that each student has an equal amount of cards.  Place the envelopes face down.  Turn over the first enevelope and whatever letter is on the envelope, is the one the student must place in the envelope to mail.  If they do not have a card that matches the letter, then they don't get to play.  The first student(s) to get rid of all their cards win. 

A fun idea I had was to put the notes on foam Valentine's.  I got these last year at a great discount after Valentine's Day.  Be on the look out and you may find a good deal on these as well.  I used my labels and stuck the notes on them.
As we played this game this week, we tried to think of exciting places that the letter was going to.  A for "Atlanta" or D for "Dallas."  You could even add these places to the envelope if you wanted.

You could also play this with keyboard cards, chord cards and key cards.




  1. Jeana, I was thinking of doing something similar with the foam hearts but I was wondering how it would work since one of the entire sides are sticky, so since the flashcard wouldn't cover the whole heart, I was wondering if that created a problem. Very cute idea!

  2. Thanks for the question! I put the staff note on the front of the foam heart (the non-sticky side)and left the paper back on the sticky part. I think if the paper back fell off I would stick two hearts together, making the heart have a back and front. The staff notes I used were actually printed using label stickers. I am working on getting them on printable labels for my blog, so look for those soon! Thanks for stopping by my blog!



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