Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Rhythm Blocks

Recently I was asked to come up with a musical idea using Duplo Blocks inspired by Filth Wizardry.  

I decided to start with Rhythm Blocks.  Using printing labels from Avery Template 8160, size 1 x 2 5/8 I put rhythms on the labels and then cut them to fit on the block.  

I put four different time signatures on each side of the duplo block.  Then I put different rhythms on each side of the other blocks.

I attached blocks that made one complete measure.  Then by turning the blocks up or down the time signature changes.  The student would have to adjust the number of beats to make the rhythm correct for the time signature change. 

A possible game would be to have the students each choose 10 blocks and build measures.  They would play a block only if it would fit in the measure.  If they could not play they would have to pick one block.  If that block played then they could play that block, if not their turn was over.  Play would continue until the winner played his or her last block.

Now, I have put a sticker on each side, but for this game, you could put one sticker on only one side.  For beginner students I like the idea of showing how a half note takes up two quarter notes by adding an extra blank block to represent the beat.  
Here are the Rhythm Labels for Level One.  I still want to tweak the other rhythms before I post them.  I have a lot of more ideas so keep checking back.  I am so excited about this Lego Project!

For more rhythm fun check out Rhythm Blocks Level Two

Check out these resources!


  1. This looks amazing! I must have lego blocks somewhere in the house from my childhood...

  2. They have been so much fun! I added a new level so be sure to check it out.

  3. This idea is especially great for boys. I have designed a class for summer called Legos:constructing music from around the world. I thought it would be fun for lego lovers. Thanks for the rhythm block idea.



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