Thursday, June 2, 2011

Buckets of Fun

Here is a fun summertime game to promote note naming. 

I place the "Buckets of Fun" board on a table or piano lid.  Students take turns trying to throw a bingo chip or penny on to the board.  If any part of the chip lands on the bucket they are to draw the note on my
Staff Board.

Students take turns trying to land their chip on a bucket.  Whoever gets all of the letters first wins.

You can make this even more challenging by not letting the students use the same note on the staff twice.  For instance if they land on C and someone has already drawn middle C, they have to draw a different C.

If you don't have a magnetic staff board you can print one out through this link to use in this game.
Staff Board
You can choose from the large Staff or the smaller staff that fits on one page.  Student can just write the note on the staff.

*Tip if you put your staff board in a page protector you can write on it with dry erase markers and use it again and again

Google Docs: Buckets of Fun


  1. Jeana, you are so awesome, you always come up with the best games and you're so generous in sharing them with us "less creative" teachers. And yes, I fully admit to regularly stalking your blog :)

  2. Thanks! There are so many great resources out there. I love sharing my ideas and I am glad when someone enjoys them. The kids have loved playing Buckets of Fun this week!



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