Sunday, January 2, 2011

Piano Assignment Sheets

Here are some new piano assignment sheets I created for the new year.  I don't stress the amount of time a student must practice, but rather goals to accomplish for that week.  I inserted a staff and keyboard at the bottom, which will really come in handy.

My first assignment sheet has an example of how I use it.  For elementary students, many times the goals are the same for each piece, so to save time I assign the same goal for each piece.  Sometimes that goal will not apply, so I cross it out.  I use a practice incentive and check for different goals to see if the student can accomplish it.  They get a sticker for doing this.  I encourage them to check off the goal when they have done it, but this does not always get done.

For older students, their goals become more piece driven, so I have more space to write out details I want them to focus on.  The gray shaded area is for the name of the piece.  I like using post its as well and colored pencils to remind the students of things to work on.

Piano Assignment Sheet 2011 on Google Docs

Piano Assignment Sheet 2011

Piano Assignment Sheet Example on Google Docs
Piano Assignment Sheet 2011 Example

Piano Assignment Sheet Advanced on Google Docs
Piano Assignment Sheet Advanced 2011

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