Thursday, January 6, 2011

Practice Incentive Chart

My old method of rewarding students work was to have their parents sign their practice goal sheet.  I would assign various goals: Say note names 3 times, Count out loud, Sing the words and play.  Students would check off that goal and then get a prize if all the goals were checked off.  Some diligent students would always come in with their goals completed, while others came to their lesson and the practice assignment hadn't been touched.  Sometimes I would write a question on the assignment just to check and see if anyone was reading them.  So after reading many blogs and articles, I came up with a program that will work with my current prize system and practice assignments.

The students each have a sticker chart (seen below) and they are awarded a sticker for completing the various activities.  Once they fill up the sticker chart, they are awarded a prize.  The great thing about this incentive program, is it focuses on the display of the practice goal and not how many times they practiced it.  I will see if they can name their notes names, count out loud, etc. . and if they complete the goal to my satisfaction they will get a sticker.

They get awarded stickers for other achievements as well: Completing theory, learning a scale or warm up, composing a song, etc. . .

I am going to be updating my prizes.  Since the student won't be getting a prize every week, I would like to have some nicer prizes.  I have the standard candy and pens, and some silly bands but, I would like to get some things the older teenager would like.  Any suggestions?

Incentive Chart Google Docs
Practice Incentive Chart

Here is a blank incentive chart for you to put your own goals in.
Blank Incentive Chart Google Docs
Blank Practice Incentive Chart


  1. My child would love Chinese finger traps, yoyos, mini composition notebooks and decorative pens.

  2. Here are some ideas of things they would love, but under the understanding these would be for MANY MANY weeks of diligent practice! They would love itunes, chik fil a, mcds, acmoore, barnes and nobles giftcards, balls of yarn, crochet hooks, anything crafty, jewelry, stuffed animals or webkinz would be great too.

  3. I love the border on this! Thanks for all of your great ideas and posts. I've awarded you with the "Versatile Blogger Award."



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