Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Turkey Songs

Turkey Songs

The first song is a great song to review colors and rhyming words.  I have a link to a download of visuals of the items the 'turkey is in' so the kids have a visual of that color.  Sometimes I have the kids tell me what the rhyming word will be for example  "Turkey is in the blue sky so the rhyming H word would rhyme with sky and be?  Hi"

The second song is a songs about the turkeys getting away and counting backwards from 5 or you could count down from any number.  On these kinds of songs you could also introduce subtraction, changing the number of turkeys that got away and having the students subtract.

Turkey in the brown straw(Sung To: Skip To My Lou My Darling)
Turkey in the brown straw, Ha, ha, ha, ha
Turkey in the brown straw Ha, ha, ha, ha
Turkey in the brown straw, ha, ha, ha, ha
Turkey in the brown straw

Turkey in the white sleigh, hey, hey, hey
Turkey in the blue sky, hi, hi, hi
Turkey in the red barn, harn, harn, harn
Turkey in the yellow corn, horn, horn, horn
Turkey in the green tree, hee, hee, hee
Turkey in the purple plum, hum, hum, hum, hum
Turkey in the pink bow, ho, ho, ho
Turkey in the black shoe, hoo, hoo, hoo

Click here to download picture for Turkey in the Brown Straw

Driver Driver
This old road is hard and bumpy 
(Alternate pat on legs)
Five fat turkeys wild and jumpy 

(Hold up fingers, wiggle on ‘wild’, hands up on ‘jumpy’)
Driver driver not so jerky 
(Pretend to drive)
Or you'll make us loose a turkey 
(Wag finger)
Driver! Driver! Stop I say! 
(Pretend to drive, hold up hand on ‘stop’)
One fat turkey got away! 
 (Hold up number of turkey)
Repeat each verse until just one turkey is left and say:
Driver! Driver! stop I say!
Let's save this turkey for Thanksgiving Day!

Idea #1: Count down from 10 taking 2 away each time for skip counting
Idea #2: Count down from 12 taking different amounts away each time for subtraction

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