Thursday, September 9, 2010

Teaching the White Keys

I use the story of two houses to teach the names of the white keys.  There is the big house of the three black keys and the little house, which is the dog house.  As we learn more keys we find out that the big house is Grandma's house (G) and she loves to make things with apples (A).  The F and B are the front door and the back door.  Beside the dog lives a Cat (C) and Elephant (E).

Here are some worksheets I use to introduce the concept.

Google Doc Link: Name of the White Keys Worksheet
Name of the White Keys


  1. These are great! They've worked really well with one of my students who was struggling with naming the keys as she can't say the alphabet backwards.
    By the way, for some reason the picture of the Grandma doesn't appear on the first two pages when you print these out.

  2. Thanks Wendy! I love the little story and it really seems to stick with the kids. I uploaded a Google Doc link, so hopefully the whole document will print correctly next time.



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