Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sunny Enharmonic Bright Spots

Here is a matching game to reinforce Enharmonic Notes along the same lines as my Sunny Circle of Fifths.  Students pick from the pile of cards and match the card to the correct note on the sun.

There are other ways to use this resource
  • Flip the cards over in a grid pattern and play a memory game.  Try to pick the two cards that match.  F# - Gb
  • Pick a card and play the note on the piano
  • Players pick a color to represent their player (red bingo chips, pennies, candy, etc.) Take turns picking a card and placing a token on the correct key.  If you get two tokens on the same note, then you win that note.  Whoever has the most notes at the end wins the game.  You will need a lot of matching tokens, so I use bingo chips on a paper keyboard to play this version.
By the way, I have had bingo chips and pennies get stuck in my piano.  I had to call the tuner for a pennectomy, as he called it.  I now use paper keyboards when games call for tokens and things that can get stuck.  I've learned my lesson! 
Goggle Docs: Sunny Enharmonics


  1. I use 1 inch by 1 inch wooden blocks for markers on my piano keys. There is no way they can fit between the keys!

  2. Great idea! Sometimes I use some beads. Not the round kind that would roll away, but flat ones. I call them jewels for the kids. Erasers are good as well.



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