Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Treasure Map: Reward Incentive

Ahoy Mateys!  I have been swabbing the deck (cleaning my studio) and preparing to embark on our pirate journey this week!  I am using this treasure map as an incentive chart for my students.

For my treasure map, I will have students collect hidden treasure (jewels) for different accomplishments.
1 Jewel
·      Accomplishing a practice goal
·      Mastering a technique
·      Mastery of a piece

3 Jewels
                        ·    Memorizing a piece
·      Improvement in One Minute Score
·      Perform outside studio
·      Finish drill card
·      Complete 10 sight reading drills
·      Complete 10 rhythm drills
5 Jewels
·      Participate in Festival
·      Complete 10 pages of drill sheets

Here are the jewels I am giving away:  Just little tiny beads I got at Walmart.

When the student collects 5 beads I will mark them off on their Treasure Map.  When they reach a landmark and are promoted, I am going to reward them with a little pirate duck.  I got these from Amazon as well.  

I am thinking of making a big chart on the wall to chart everyone's progress along the map.  When and if I get this together, I will post about it.

At each group lessons student will spend their booty (jewels) in the treasure chest.  I have lots of goodies, big and small that will cost various amounts of jewels.  This way we only shop one time.  If students want to hold on to their jewels till the end of the year, they can, but they have to spend all their jewels at the last group lesson.

I also made a super find at Office Depot during some back to school shopping:

These mini reward charts are from Eureka and come with gold coin stickers.  I found them on sale at these websites as well:

I plan on using the little charts for group lessons!  

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  1. I love this idea. I am doing travel the world with piano this year. Officially my game is called piano passport. I bought little fake passports from oriental trading and a bunch of clearance passport/travel decorations leftover from VBS season. Each child will earn miles which will earn them a stamp in their passport and a small prize ( snack, candy, rubber duck, flags of the nation bookmark). At the end of the year the more stamps in the passport the bigger the end of the year trophy. I love your idea too. Can't wait to hear how it turns out. :)



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