Sunday, September 13, 2015

Week 2 of Kindergarten

Here is a recap of my week in Kindergarten.

We studied our names this week and what makes us special.

We took the book Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and read it on Monday.  Here are some questions from my lesson:

During Reading: Ask the students some of the questions below.
  • Do you think all of the letters will be able to fit up in the top of the tree?  Why or why not?
  • Have you ever climbed a tree?  What was the experience like?
  • What might happen as more letters climb the tree?
  • Why do you think the letters all fell out of the tree? What happened?
  • Have you ever fallen down?
  • What happened when you fell?
  • Did someone come and help you? How did they help?
  • What happened to the letters when they fell down?
  • Where do you think the letters are going as their families help them get up from the letter pile? Why do you think this?

Explain the difference between a letter and a word. Write "Chicka, chicka Boom Boom, Will there be enough room?" on the board.  Ask students to find a letter, two letters, three letters.  Find a word, two words, three words.  Have names on sentence strips.  Sort names according to how many letters they have on a pocket chart.  

Try this chant: "Hickity, Pickity, Bumblebee, Can you clap your name for me?"

We completed the craft below during stations:

The next book we did during the week was Chrysanthemum.  Here is an excerpt of our lesson.

  •   Who is the main character in this story?
  •   Where is the story taking place? (home and school)
  •   What happens in the beginning and when she starts school.
  • What did the other students say that was not nice to Chrysanthemum? (many various answers possible)
  • How did that make her feel?
  • Who was the student who said, "She has 13 letters in her name.?" (Victoria)
  • Why were the other students speechless?" (They were surprised that the music teacher was named after a flower too.)
  • What did the other students then want to be called?
  • Who made a mistake in the story? (Victoria)
  • What did Mrs. Twinkle name her baby?"

We complete the following craft with the students:

During Fundations we learned the letter t,b and f.  We completed a worksheet from the Fundations Packet found here on TPT: Kindergarten Foundations Lowercase Letters 

I love this packet.  It really helps my students practice forming the letters and listening for the first sound.  Find it here.

For math we have been practicing number writing with Chester from the Kissing Hand.  I love this free packet.  It has so many great resources.  Find it here.

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