Sunday, September 27, 2015

Week 3 of Kindergarten

Week 3: We talked about Transportation (mainly the bus) this week.  We are still focusing on asking and answering questions.

We used the book "The Little School Bus" by Carol Roth and one of my favorites "Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus."

We asked and answered questions about "The Little School Bus" and it was fun to see all the different things the illustrator did in this story.  Here are the questions I used:

The Little School Bus

Preview: What do you think this story will be about? 

Pg. 3 What is this (point to bus)  READ

Pg. 4-5 What is the first animal to get on the bus? READ  What is the goat wearing?

Pg.6-7 What is the second animal to get on the bus? READ  What is the pig wearing?

Pg. 8-9 What is the third animal to get on the bus? READ What is he wearing on his feet?  What is he missing?

Pg.10-11 What is the 4th animal to get on the bus? READ Who took the fuzzy chick to the bus stop?

Pg. 12-13 Where is the bus taking the animals? READ What are the animals doing in the bus?

Pg. 14-15  What animals gets on next? READ Why is the bear called hairy bear?

Pg. 16-17 After the bus picked up the bear, where did it go? READ  (Read with me)

Pg. 18-19  What is the next animal to get on the bus? READ Why is the worm squirmy?

Pg.20-21 After the bus picked up the worm, where did it go? READ (Read with me)  What other things do
you see in the town?

Pg. 22-23  What is the last animal to get on the bus? READ What did the sheep do?

Pg.24-25 Where was the next stop the bus made? READ What did the animals do?

Pg. 26-27 READ  What did the animals do during the school day?  What did the bus do?

Pg.28-29 READ What did the bus driver do when the school day ended? Why do the animals need to ride the bus again?

Pg. 30-31 What did the animals do when they got on the bus? Are all the animals on the bus? READ

Pg. 32 Where are the animals going now?  Which ones are waving? READ

Click here to get a download of the picture to retell the story:

We read one of my favorite books "Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus" by Mo Willems

We discussed our opinions and voted if we wanted to let the Pigeon Drive the Bus.  Each student got a pigeon to color and then we put them on a graph to vote.  Students came up one by one and told me why they think the pigeon should or should not drive the bus.  Click here for the pigeons
Then we wrote about different things the pigeon could drive.  Click here for this writing sheet.
I hope you can use some of these resources in your classroom!

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