Thursday, June 30, 2022

I started this blog when I was teaching piano as a way to help other piano teachers with resources that I found or used.  I now teach Kindergarten but still play piano at my church and have kept the blog up for others who may stumble upon it.  I don't regularly check my email or blog, so I was surprised to find this sweet note from a year ago.  Enjoy the encouragement and link to a great article!

Piano Wrist & Arm Positioning and Playing Resources

I wanted to reach out to your quickly because I thought you might appreciate hearing how helpful your Piano studio website was for me and my family. We're not in the Greensboro area, but because my daughters' school is still remote learning I was looking for new resources to use with them.. They're pretty upset about missing out on music class in person - it's their favorite - and they both just started taking private lessons this year... Jaymee on clarinet and Jen on piano. BUT I wanted to get some extra music resources to use with them in addition to what their teacher provided and I was able to get some really awesome stuff because of the online games section you have on there.. which is helpful because I don't really have a musical bone in my body LOL !

Jen and Jaymee thought we should send a little thank-you note to let you know how you helped us, and I agreed that it feels like a good time after a year of this pandemic, to share a little gratitude and positivity, so thank you! =)

Also, Jen thought we could 'pay it forward' by sharing another online music resource for you to add to your resources... she found a great piano article and thought it could be of help to your newer players! I'll put the link to it down at the bottom.

Have a wonderful St. Patricks day and thanks so much again Jeana... Do you think you'll be able able to put Jen's piano link on your online games page? If you can I'll make sure I show the girls I think they'll be really proud to see they helped you out haha. Take care and best of luck on the rest of this crazy school year!

Jen's Piano resource:

Diane Henley

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