Monday, October 31, 2011

Jenga Directions

I had a request from a reader to repost the directions for Jenga!

It is a really fun game that the kids love to play.  I got the idea from a post on the Piano Club page.  I bought a Jenga off brand game ($4.99) and decided to go with the colored blocks.  My Jenga game has yellow, blue and red blocks.  I took a sharpie and used all the yellow blocks for rhythms.  I wrote an easy rhythm on one side and a more challenging rhythm on the other side.  the red blocks were use for notes on one side and chords on the other.  The blue blocks were used for symbols.  The blue blocks made it hard to see the symbol, but not impossible.

Another idea for levels is to buy the plain wooden blocks and use different colored sharpies for each level.  This could still work for multi level play. For example, if the player who is at level one picks a level three than the closet player to them that is level three must complete the task.

The directions are below.

1 comment:

  1. what a great idea! May I ask you where you got the Jenga off brand?




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